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November 11 will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. The Newtown Historical Society, in conjunction with the C H Booth Library, will offer one last commemoration of the war with The Significance of Armistice Day, Tuesday, November 13, at 7.30 PM, in the library’s meeting room, 25 Main Street; please note the change in day to accommodate the Veteran’s Day holiday. The presenter will be Mark Albertson.

Mark Albertson’s thesis is that there really is no distinction or separation between World Wars I and II, in a very real sense there is only one Great War. While what we call World War I was brought on in part by dueling colonial powers attempting to keep or expand their holdings, the war did little to change that, only switching territories from losers to winners. National economies devastated by the war and the soon to come Great Depression, the fragile democracies the war had been fought to make the safe for, soon gave way to the rise of new super powers, led by the United States, Japan, Germany and the Soviet Union. Albertson will take us through the Great War period and into the Cold War bewtween the two surviving super powers.

Mark Albertson is historical Research editor of Army Aviation magazine, and historian for the Army Aviation Association of America. In addition he teaches in the Lifelong Learning program at Norwalk Community College, and he is the author of several books. He has spoken widely across the state on historical topics, including a previous appearance in Newtown.

All Newtown Historical Society programs are free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served following the program. Please note the change in presentation day to accommodate the Veteran’s Day holiday. For more information please see the website at, Facebook at, or call 203-426-5937.