Related Links

This page contains a number of links to other websites which are either related to the town of Newtown, to it's history, or to the history of other local towns. In these links you will see combined results of investigation by hundreds of historians covering hundreds of years.

Historians are really detectives by another name. They have an interest in learning about and documenting the past, of course, and many also devote their lives to sharing and teaching others. But the process of historical analysis involves investigation and analysis of ideas and purported facts or dates that often do not agree. In order to explain the "What happened and how?" question, historical analysis often draws upon several other fields of study which include anthropology, economics, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology.

These links seem to change every once in a while, some sites just vanish and others literally change their address. If you find broken links, or if you know of other websites of local interest, please tell us about them and include their links in an email to